Friday, December 31, 2010

So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, goodbye...

...But not, in fact, to 2010!  I mean, I could do a long introspective post about the year past and the year to come (guess what?  There would be yarn!  And knitting!)  However, I have a different farewell to make today: My Sis and her wee fambly are girding their loins (or something, I'm not sure I want to know!) and moving across the country (well, okay, only halfway, in the end, but Canada being a Really Big Country, that's still a bit of a hike!).  Her husband has a cool new job opportunity, and it's an exciting change for them.  
I, however, am going to miss the camping, the family dinners, the Mexican Train Game, the laughs, and the baby snorgles.  But for some reason, they didn't consult me about it.  Go figure!  Anyway, here they are - wish them well!

Hasta la vista, hermana mia! I know you guys are going to have a great new adventure!  All of us here at Casa Quimby are sending you off with lots of love, and a free printer.

And just because I can't get too mushy, here's a glamour pic of Sis, for the road:

Monday, December 20, 2010

Whether I need to or not!

It's not really that I'm down to once-a-month blogging because I've become deadly dull, I promise!  Just busy, and not really with the kind of stuff that makes good (or wise) blog fodder.  Mr.Q was scolding me yesterday, however, for not "putting out" (as he so tactfully phrased it!) on the blog.  So here I am, with a few highlights from the last month.

Sugar Pie pumpkins were purchased, eviscerated, cooked, pulped, and frozen for future use:

Part of this one will likely end up as a key ingredient in a pumpkin cheesecake for the annual pre-Christmas dinner we have with some of Mr.Q's kindred-spirit work friends.

Keeping with the festive theme, we got ourselves an early present, in the form of tickets to see Leonard Cohen when he was here in concert three weeks ago.  Please excuse the shiny threads in the pictures - that would be Mr.Q's hair, as I was using his head for a tripod. 

The view from our seats on the floor:

The view beside our seats on the floor...Best place for a concert?  Sitting next to the sound man!

Mr.Q, eagerly anticipating the performance:

A very poor shot of the band (fucking phenomenal, all of them! and all in suits and fedoras.) and the impish Mr.Cohen, who was charming and entertaining, and had all the energy of two men half his age:

It was an incredible show, just magical.  I was...well, gobsmacked.  Some friends were sitting a couple rows up from us, and we were comparing notes while waiting to exit the arena, and all we could find to say to each other was "Wow!  That was!"  

I almost didn't go.  Cohen is one of Mr.Q's musical heroes, and I had thought maybe - you know, since I like him, but Mr.Q practically worships him - we should spend the extra money and get him a really, really good seat.

I'm really glad that idea died a quick death!

Further holiday adventures: Mr.Q tagged along with me & a crew of the knitters, on an outing to the first (?) German Christmas Market.

He was a brave soul, and it must be said - he held his own!  Especially once the mulled wine started flowing.  And then there were sausages, and all manner of impropriety broke out.  We are...a sassy bunch.  To say the least!

And there, pretty much, was the last month, Chez Q.  I'm on holiday now, till after the New Year.  Hooray!  Braved some crowds today to finish some last-minute shopping, and treated myself to a very fine Americano as a reward.  Now I'm gearing up to play Suzy Home-maker (sort of) - a few chores done, a vat of tasty pasta sauce on the stove...and about to settle down for some knitting.  

Hope your holiday season is progressing smoothly, and that it's warm and full of spirit(s) wherever you are!