Saturday, June 26, 2010

Shoulda, coulda, woulda

So, we went camping on Vancouver Island last weekend with my sister and her family, and I meant all week to post about it. Obviously, I did not! Some quick highlights:

There were Goats on a Roof:

There were walks on the beach, just a couple hundred meters from our campsite:

And there was a very jolly baby, who thought the waves at sunset were the Best Thing Evar:

All this, and more, would have been posted about, had the week not got away from me.

Then, we went out last night for Lebanese food, and I brought my camera with the intention of blogging about it....Got as far as taking a picture of our drinks:

...When dinner arrived. At which point, all thoughts of cameras and blogs went out the window. Oh. My. Bob. The food was amazing! Instead of ordering entrees, we shared several appetizer dishes: some lemon-broiled chicken; some lemon-marinated cauliflower that was then broiled; toasted halloumi cheese; a salad with dried apricots and feta; and then baklava and cardamom custard with Turkish coffee for dessert. Soooo good!

This morning, I dragged myself out of bed to go to the local farmers' market...always a bit of an adventure, but worth it for the tomatoes alone. Taste of summer, anyone?

Now for some of those fresh strawberries...Nom nom nom!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A day at the races

A quick look at Sunday's KIP fun at the racetrack - I'll totally go again! I hear they have wiener dog races at some point this summer - fun!

Walking the horses before a race:

A view of the view at the track:

MacGyvering a solution to needing a pattern on a windy day:

(Interesting fact: In Korea, they refer to Swiss Army knives as "MacGyver knives." Talk about cross-cultural pollination!)

And finally - a bit of - gasp! - sewing! I had to pretty up some jeans to make them suitable for work. Being World Cup and all, we can wear jeans for the whole month if we wear T-shirts from the competing countries. A trip to Army & Navy for a few cheap Ts (Go Italy! And England! Oh, and Portugal!) and Dressew for some fabric for a funky trim...I'm quite pleased with the result!

Now...back to that litter box I've been avoiding...woo. And a "hoo" for good measure.

Or not.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

The more we get together, together, together....

...The happier we'll be! Just puttering around the house getting a few things done before we head out. The local-est LYS, Baaaad Anna's, is hosting an event for World Wide Knit in Public the local race track. Despite having spent 4 years living close enough to the track that we can hear the cheering...we have never gone to see the races. So! Today seems an auspicious day to try something new! Maybe win a few dollars (or, you know, not!) and enlighten a few Muggles. Will post pics later if I get any good ones.

Happy Day!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

The finer things in life....

If you wake up on a Saturday morning, and discover that - for the first time in at least a week - it is not raining; in fact, it is clear and sunny and warm...If you wake up on a Saturday like this, you may decide that it would be a good idea to walk to the grocery store with your Significant Other (in my case, Mr.Q!).

And lo, you would discover that this was, indeed, the right decision.
Perhaps you would be lucky, and the grocery store, the deli, and the butcher shop would all be surprisingly empty and easy to manoeuver on what is usually the busiest day of the week. If you were really paying attention to the message you were getting from the cosmos, you would decide, on a whim, to buy some lovely, thick-sliced bacon from the butcher.

If you had done all of these things, you would know the glorious truth that I was reminded of today: After such a morning, there is no finer lunch than a toasted bacon-tomato-and-cheddar sandwich.
You would, of course, recognize that the only way to make this sandwich is with Real Mayonnaise. Not that Miracle Whip crap, and certainly not the abomination that is Lo-Fat Mayo. No. You would use the Real Stuff. You would slice the tomatoes perfectly - not too thin (you can't taste them!) and not too thick (they make your sandwich soggy!). You would use aged cheddar, a spattering of yellow mustard, and the barest dusting of fresh-ground sea salt on the tomatoes. Your bacon would be perfectly crisp, and there would be an extra slice or two in the pan - for "quality control" testing, while your bread toasts.

And the resulting sandwich would be a little bit of heaven on a plate.

But this is all, of course, purely hypothetical.

Coz Mr.Q and I ate all the bacon ourselves, and didn't save any for you.

Sorry 'bout that.