Thursday, May 27, 2010

Oye Como Va?

Coz it's going great here! I love holidays. Lazy holidays, with not much to do & few demands on my time. Also, holidays that include snorgle time with niblings, sleeping in a tent, Baileys in my coffee every morning, and Mom's home-cooking.

I was going to take a picture of my fancy digs for the week, but it's pissing rain outside, and the tent just looks sad and bedraggled. (Though inside, I am snug as a bug in a rug. Without the bugs, but with a good reading light and not one, but two thick foamies! I am going to be so sad when I have to come inside again in a couple of days!)

So, instead, here are some pics of other holiday highlights:

A thrift-store run with my MIL yesterday yielded some purple buttons, and a hinged tin that is a perfect size for carting around knitting notions. Plus, it's too cool for school:

Even better, check out the track listing on the back:

Sadly, the CDs were not enclosed! Just looking at the case makes me feel like a teenager again. Fun! (On a related note: listening to some mixed 80s CDs on the drive out, I realized just how awesome my teenaged taste in music was. Too bad I didn't know at the time how cool I really was!)

Of course, I made my requisite trip into the book store for a hello (I worked there for 3 years before we moved West) and some light reading. I found this, which I've been enjoying in the tent:

But that's not all! I also discovered that since my last visit home, the store found a perfect new addition to the staff. Meet Rosie:

She's a placid, lovely, slightly cantankerous (in that aloof, charming way of cats) beastie who has made it quite clear who's boss at the store. And it's not the bi-peds. Obviously.

And...there has been knitting. I was hoping to get this finished before tomorrow night, but I think it's not going to happen.

It's a Seamless Baby Kimono, size 2 years, for a friend's wee lassie. It's a great, simple pattern, which I modified only slightly and am adding a little extra length, with button holes instead of a tie. It's a pretty quick knit, but I've been rather busy drinking a lot of coffee & visiting friends for the last couple days, so the likelihood of finishing it for tomorrow night is...well, not impossible, but not exactly probable. But I haven't given up hope yet!

Off to get ready for my next coffee date, and hopefully some pics of the local elephant while I'm out and about. But first I have to go sing Fish-heads for my nephew. Till next!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Yeah...I got nothin'

Very little of any note happening Chez Q these days. Since things are mostly pretty decent, that's not a bad thing...But there's also not a lot to blog about. I thought it was past time to pop in & say hi. Been in a bit of a knitting funk since finishing the Sweater of Doom, but I am working sporadically on some tasty socks that may or may not make an appearance here in the near future. Our "Spring Break" is next week, and I'm taking off immediately after work tomorrow for a road trip home with my sister & her not-so-wee laddie. Could be an adventure! But I'm ready for anything: lots of knitting & extra socks packed, and ABBA Gold at the top of the road-trip-tunes pile.

I expect Mr.Q will subsist largely on Mr.Noodles & beer while I'm away. I only hope the resulting flatulence 1) doesn't scare the cats away; and 2) has dissipated by the time I get home! I'm quite sure he will enjoy a week of watching subtitled European war movies, and listening to screeching weasels on vinyl, uninterrupted by my pleas for mercy.

As for me, I hope there is a lot of coffee & Baileys, and sitting around on one deck or another, doing Sweet F.A. for a week! My camera will be handy at all times, in hope of capturing something blogworthy.

Hope the merry month of May is going well for all of you...!