Saturday, September 3, 2011

I sense a pattern here...

Saturday morning. Mr.Q is out buying cat food so they don't eat us in our sleep, the greedy beasts. I have the place to myself, and can do anything I want. Anything. Secret things, all juicy and luscious. 

Like this!

French bread, lightly toasted; a thin slip of mayo, some 1-year-old white cheddar, and thick, messy slices of a "black" tomato the size of a baby's head. Dust it all with a hint of fresh-ground sea salt. Let eyes roll back into head while eating, to enhance the experience. Consider hiding the other half of the tomato, for a repeat performance tomorrow. 

(Hey, I shared the pear, didn't I?)

Friday, September 2, 2011

Heaven is a place on Earth...

...and that place is in my mouth!  

Specifically, this bit of tasty is - or rather, was - in my mouth:

That, my friends, is a saffron-poached pear. I think there was white wine and honey and some cinnamon involved, too. (No, I did not make it myself: I bought it at Whole Paycheque today, and it was worth every (surprisingly reasonable) penny!)

If ever Mr.Q doubts that I love him, I shall direct him to this post. Which I would like to close by pointing out that I saved half of this for him. Because I am just that awesome. 

(But sweetie, you should probably stop reading here, because I can't guarantee that there will be any of that heirloom tomato left for you, and I'd rather keep that dark little secret to myself. It's not you, it's me. And my unreasonable, irresistible lust for summer tomatoes. I always come back to you, though!)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Where have you been, Billy Boy?

I know, I know. I post a few teasers of Sock Summit, and I fall off the face of the earth again. (Sorry, Dad!) (Who may be the only person who still checks in here from time to time!)

In my defense, Sock Summit took some recovery time. And then it got me in trouble again. (Or, rather, SS09 did, as it re-awoke a taste for adventure & travelling, & the willingness to live on tuna casserole for months at a time in order to save the necessary pennies...)

First, there was SS09. Then, there was Rhinebeck & Montreal. Then, there was SS11 (with a few wee road trips & winery tours thrown in for local colour.) Since I came back from Portland this time, I've been largely occupied with knitting myself a new cardigan.  When not tangled up in skeins and skeins of yarn (delicious Miss Babs, from SS09!), I have been doing a ridiculous amount of internet research and planning, so as to have the best time possible while wearing this new sweater.

It turns out that this fall, we are going here for a week, and then spending another week going here, and here, and finally here.

The degree to which I am excited is ridonkulous. I am trying to only talk about it half the time, rather than all the time. There is regular flailing, of the Kermit variety, chez Q.

So, that's where I've been. And where I'm going!