Thursday, May 27, 2010

Oye Como Va?

Coz it's going great here! I love holidays. Lazy holidays, with not much to do & few demands on my time. Also, holidays that include snorgle time with niblings, sleeping in a tent, Baileys in my coffee every morning, and Mom's home-cooking.

I was going to take a picture of my fancy digs for the week, but it's pissing rain outside, and the tent just looks sad and bedraggled. (Though inside, I am snug as a bug in a rug. Without the bugs, but with a good reading light and not one, but two thick foamies! I am going to be so sad when I have to come inside again in a couple of days!)

So, instead, here are some pics of other holiday highlights:

A thrift-store run with my MIL yesterday yielded some purple buttons, and a hinged tin that is a perfect size for carting around knitting notions. Plus, it's too cool for school:

Even better, check out the track listing on the back:

Sadly, the CDs were not enclosed! Just looking at the case makes me feel like a teenager again. Fun! (On a related note: listening to some mixed 80s CDs on the drive out, I realized just how awesome my teenaged taste in music was. Too bad I didn't know at the time how cool I really was!)

Of course, I made my requisite trip into the book store for a hello (I worked there for 3 years before we moved West) and some light reading. I found this, which I've been enjoying in the tent:

But that's not all! I also discovered that since my last visit home, the store found a perfect new addition to the staff. Meet Rosie:

She's a placid, lovely, slightly cantankerous (in that aloof, charming way of cats) beastie who has made it quite clear who's boss at the store. And it's not the bi-peds. Obviously.

And...there has been knitting. I was hoping to get this finished before tomorrow night, but I think it's not going to happen.

It's a Seamless Baby Kimono, size 2 years, for a friend's wee lassie. It's a great, simple pattern, which I modified only slightly and am adding a little extra length, with button holes instead of a tie. It's a pretty quick knit, but I've been rather busy drinking a lot of coffee & visiting friends for the last couple days, so the likelihood of finishing it for tomorrow night is...well, not impossible, but not exactly probable. But I haven't given up hope yet!

Off to get ready for my next coffee date, and hopefully some pics of the local elephant while I'm out and about. But first I have to go sing Fish-heads for my nephew. Till next!


Anonymous said...

What a great play list! I ripped most of them off YouTube. Gotta love the internets!

Ilix said...

Fish heads....... rolly and poly.
Have a great time camping... gotta get out myself.
If it makes you feel any better it's a mist-rain day here today. Soaking wet in 20 minuites without all that pesky rain stuff. Gotta lover the Fraser Valley!