Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wuuuuv...Twoooo Wuuuuv!

A busy little bee I've been!  Spent a lot of time in the kitchen over my holiday.  First, I did a fairly thorough purge of the stuff on the counters, which opened up a lot more space to work with.  It's actually a pleasure to cook & bake now.  hen, my sister got me a rocking rolling pin - I think I have finally whipped pie pastry's arse!  As evidenced by the plethora of petite pot pies, currently residing in the freezer.  (Please note the awesomeness that is my new rolling pin!)

Then, after some drama worthy of a daytime soap opera (short version: Sears catalogue ordering & customer service call center blow goats.  Really smelly, hairy, yucky goats!) I finally got my Xmess present to me...and I have a new best beloved!  First pic shows her true colours; second one, her full, shapely glory:

I think I had originally pictured something a bit brighter - a kitschier, more vintage kind of blue.  But the cobalt?  Is Dead. Fracking. Sexy.  (And it practically matches my current hair colour, which we all know is the first requirement of a good appliance!)

Here she is, modelling some wee baby booties:

I can hardly wait for the weekend...I see some fresh-baked bread in my future!


Arctic Knitter said...

Most excellent. *Love* the Princess Bride reference in your blog title. :0) I also have the cobalt blue mixer - I concur; it's totally hot! Mini pot pies - yum!

Anonymous said...

KitchenAid makes the BEST mixers in the world. Mine (quaint white and not the fancy-schmancy one with the clamp-in bowl like yours) is 26.5 years old and still going strong. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad the rolling pin is all I hoped it would be. Now I have to get one for myself.

love ya

Cynthia K-R said...

KitchenAid does make the bestest mixers ever !!! they can become addictive and baking will never be the same again for you.
Those rolling pins are ALSO wonderful and I use mine ALL THE TIME.
Baking keeps the kitchen warm here in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario (or Siberia) to us who live here. It's sooper bitterly cold today.