Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Size Matters

In my very limited observation, I have noticed that Berliners like small cars, small parking spaces (with lots of creative parking!), and small cups of coffee. But everything else is Pretty Darned Big. Huge recycling bins for glass. Long trains. Big bratwurst sausages. And so on. For example:

Mr.Q with his Very Big Breakfast Beer:

 Brandenburg Gate is Really Frickin' Huge (with red-sweatered Viking for scale:

And there's a Really Big Monument on top of it:

The Reichstag is Ginormous! (Sadly, we failed to make reservations, so we didn't get to go inside and see the Not-So-Wee dome)

 There are even Brobdignagian Bubbles:

Brondignagian Bubbles, blown by a Viking, for scale:

 Even Massive Lego Sculptures, like this life-sized giraffe (made out of Duplo blocks, mostly, to be totally accurate)

  The eyelashes slay me:

I'm sure I'll find more big things tomorrow. A couple last images from the day...

The track of the Berlin Wall running through the city:

 Including right under my seat at a cafe:

 Pretty trippy!

I also had the strangest hot dog of my life tonight. A very thin cheese sauce, diced tomatoes, and what I had expected to be pickles (given the "gherkin" on the menu) turned out to be diced cucumber soaked in vinegar. It was...odd! Fortunately, I had some good cider afterward, to take the edge off.


Annie said...

Nice! It is trippy the way the brick line wends its way through the city, isn't it. When I was in Berlin, the Reichtstag was closed for reno, so Christo wrapped it. I still have some little scraps of the fabric. It was phenomenal! Who knows, I might be in one of these pictures!!

Anonymous said...

wow!~ i totally love the giraffe!