Monday, January 2, 2012

Best laid plans...

I had intended to post yesterday: get the New Year off to a good start and all that. Heck, I'd intended to do a lot of things yesterday that just...didn't happen! Waking up with a wicked sinus cold put the kaibosh on most of my day.

I had planned an idyllic New Year's Day that included putting a roast in the slow-cooker for dinner, and baking scones as a vehicle for the apple jelly my sister sent us for Christmas. Those, I did accomplish, albeit somewhat later than intended. (The scones were going to happen come hell or high water, dammit, as the quest for Devonshire cream to go with them was rather epic!) But the kitchen-ing wore me out, and the fanatbulous New Year's brunch I had envisioned (scones, eggs, bacon, mimosas, etc) remained, sadly, quite imaginary.

Instead of spending a lovely afternoon in my Magic Room, knitting & finally picking up the ukelele Mr.Q got me for Christmas...well, I sort of had a 4-hour nap and woke up again at 5:30, just in time for dinner. No problem; I could still spend a couple hours knitting & plucking, before sitting down to a game of cards with Mr.Q before bed. After all, I'd had a 4-hour nap, so surely I'd be up late!

I got as far as the couch in the Magic Room & promptly dozed off again. I managed to bestir myself just enough to crawl back into bed well before 8:00, and slept another 12 hours. I guess I needed it. And if yesterday was any indication, I guess the theme for 2012 lies somewhere between "The best-laid plans, etc. etc.", "Go with the flow," and "Naps! Good!"

Today, I Have Been Told. I am under strict orders to do nothing but doze and knit, and holler when I want something. Mr.Q is about to make me a bacon sandwich for lunch, and then I think I shall have another nap. Days like this, I don't mind playing the dutiful, obedient wife & doing what I'm told!

(And yes, Mr.Q has indeed cut off his hair. I had mixed feelings about it when he left to get it done, but I, umm....well, I really like it on him! Much better than the last time he shaved it all short, without telling me. On the morning of our wedding! Though this time around, it was a bit shocking for the first couple of days, waking up next to him and not quite recognizing him in the initial dazed not-quite-conscious seconds of the morning!)


Barb said...

Clearly, you are deathly ill. A well-behaved and dutiful Mrs. Q? Get thee to a doctor, posthaste!

Louisa said...

Hope you feel much better, soon! And back to your usual rebellious self.