Saturday, April 25, 2009

I've got to...get away *

Somehow the week felt very, very long. Not bad, just long. (Maybe not so surprising, after 2 short weeks separated by a four-day weekend!) There had been talk of a night in, all cozy with cats and scrambled eggs for supper, and some Buffy the Vampire Slayer. But as I was walking home from the bus, I found myself getting pretty antsy at the idea of wasting the remaining daylight hours in the "cave." (Yes, there are days I don't like living in a basement suite!)

So I called Mr.Q, who was having beers with his classmates after their long week, and asked him how quickly he could get his arse home, in order to take me out for dinner. There haven't been a lot of date nights over the last month, with his homework load. (Oh, and that whole not-working thing that happens when one's in school!)

Also, I was feeling somewhat celebratory, as the weather is finally Really Spring. There's a huge Oregon grape shrub near the house that's in blossom, and it smells amazing. There are more and more birds out every day. It's finally warm enough to have Nekkid Toes - toes which I have even prettified with pink polish, in anticipation; and last night, they were just busting to be free. I thought I ought to take them out. Also, yesterday was a Good Mail Day. As evidenced below:

Yessiree, that there is my shiny new passport, accompanied by my shiny new (reloadable) Visa card, all ready for the Sock Summit in August. Which paired nicely with the mail from the day before:

A super-soft, brand new Ravelry hoodie. Looks great with my Rav tote. And worn together (does one "wear" a tote?) they kind of remind me of my university days, when I would trek off to school in my MEC pants and my MEC fleece, with my MEC backpack, and totally feel like one of the cool kids. So the hoodie-tote combo makes me feel young again!

Anyhoo. The new hoodie was just warm enough to balance the naked feets on our dinner outing...that sunshine being more "wishful thinking" spring weather, than actual warmth. We went to WaaZuBee, one of our favourite haunts. Great burgers, and a gin list. Being a gin-n-tonic kind of gal, this is a huge selling point for me! I tried the Juniper Organic last night...most tasty! Mr.Q had himself a pint of Crannog pale ale (also organic, ftr), and enjoyed it thoroughly. In fact, we were both so pleased that we indulged in a little spontaneous public display of "fisting" (recreated here for the photo)

(And no, I don't think the "fisting" joke is ever going to get old for me!)

Dinner, as usual, was great:

That there is my bison burger, with blue cheese, and signature WaaZuBee fries with garlic mayo dip. I believe Mr.Q had the chicken sandwich - with melted Brie and mushrooms.

An early night last night, a good long sleep, and I'm ready to take on the weekend. A few chores, some knitting, maybe a coffee date-with-self while Mr.Q's out at a rehearsal this morning. Bowling tomorrow for a friend's birthday. A world of possibility stretching out before me!

I think I might start with a nap.

(*Bonus points for the first person to correctly identify the source of the title!)


yarnpiggy said...

Dude...only like a bajillion songs! I'll go with Soft Cell's "Tainted Love".

Anonymous said...

I want to say Queen but I'm sure that's I Want to Break Free. Hmmmm, yeah, I got nothin'.

Jeanne said...

Dudes—Lenny Kravitz, "Fly Away".

That burger looks yuuuuuumy.

Pam the Yarn Goddess said...

Does this mean that I get to meet you at Sock Summit? Yarny Goodness has a booth there. I'm sharing with Kate of Spindle Cat Studio. :)