Saturday, September 26, 2009

What's a girl to do....

...when she's flying solo on a Friday night; is trying to be sensible with her funds; and she really doesn't want to spend another evening at home watching Dr.Who and knitting?

Why, she goes out to go knitting! The fabulous ladies at our new neighbourhood LYS, Baaad Anna's, hosted a "Yarn Tasting" last night.

No, we did not actually eat the yarn, or even lick it. Though some of it looked awfully tasty! Instead, we ate cheese. Drank wine. Got to play with samples of sexy yarn in all manner of weights and fibre content. There were tiny chocolates, and even place cards....

There was good company, familiar and new. A lot of laughing, much fondling, a little shopping...and did I mention the wine?

(Why is it that Mr.Q's rock & roll adventures usually leave me unscathed...but the knitting is more likely to give me hangovers?)

I wish I'd been able to get more pics, but the batteries died after just two. Anna said she'd have some up on her website soon, though, for a better sense of the delightful chaos. I had a brief chat with her, later in the evening, and I'm really glad she decided to set up shop in this neck of the woods. Not just to feed my addiction (though that would suffice!) But coz she seems genuinely interested in building community as much as running a business, and that's a notion that's near and dear to my heart. It's really why I love knitters as much as I do.

(Though when I woke up this morning and recalled the conversation...I winced a little when I realized I was probably not as coherent as I thought at the time. 3 small glasses of wine in an evening, and I'm a burbling idiot. Ouch! Guess I just can't hold it like I used to in my youth. Which is not a bad thing, per se. Just occasionally embarrassing. And I can't help feeling like I'm betraying my Irish roots...So I made up for it with some Baileys in my coffee this morning.)

Other adventures this morning include wearing a pink flannel nightie, wool socks, and a shawl all at once (I am such a fashion plate!) while pattern-trawling on Ravelry. Washing & blocking hats and scarves for the cooler weather. Toast and hunny. Cuddling with beasties. Considering the pile of dishes on the counter.

And (squee!) finally getting our tickets for John Prine next month. The seats are kind of crap, and OHMYBOB Ticket Monster sucks - they suck big, stinky, prickly porcupine balls - for all the service charges! But...John Prine! It's very thoughtful of him to be in town just a few days before my birthday. Much easier to justify the tickets that way.

Now onto the important business of the day...more coffee? A load of laundry? Those dishes?

Or a nap?

(Guess which one I'm going to choose!)


Anonymous said...

That sounds like the best time ever! Oh how i wish lived in the same town, I would totally hang with you on friday nights.

Annie said...

That sounds like a great Friday night! I paid Ticket Monster too much on Thursday for the family to go see Star Wars in Concert. Very exciting, but those crap service charges make me....wince. To be polite!

Anie H said...

..a choose your own adventure morning. my fave.