Wednesday, October 14, 2009

All Aboard!

A late, quick photo-essay of our Thanksgiving weekend train adventure to Seattle...

An early (early!) start:

Each of us doing what we love best (and Mr.Q quite tickled that he could buy a beer before 9:00 a.m.)

Travel Scrabble - Mr.Q's creative use of language not at all related to the pre-9:00 a.m. beer:
Playing tourist...At the Science Fiction Museum (very cool, but not nearly enough Star Wars, and sadly lacking in Dr.Who, Battlestar Galactica, and Firefly)

The Experience Music Project - we both felt it was kind of "meh", but there was a theramin we got to play with. And an upright bass in a giant instrument tree:

Up the Space Needle:

Night view, walking back to the hotel from dinner:

Pike Place in the morning (started my Christmas shopping...too early?)

Finally found a decent cup of coffee, which was surprisingly hard to do in a city that prides itself so much on its java...Uptown Espresso, where I enjoyed a fabulous Caffe Vienna & knat while Mr.Q found (another) record store:

Finally on the way home amused me to watch the engine pulling the train around the corners...
Missed having turkey but might just cook one up this weekend. The tuna casserole we had on Monday just didn't cut it. I need a pumpkin pie, too.

(And - my, but we do live in a beautiful corner of the world! Nice to see a little more of it!)


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the sweater!

Thank you


Louisa said...

Looks like a really fun trip! We'll have to try it ourselves sometime. Much better than cooking a turkey dinner with all the trimmings for 21+ people - and only 17 came! We're still eating the leftovers.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fabulous little vacation. Sweet. :)