Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Needles on the Bus go Click Click Click...

Usually when I'm knitting on the bus, people leave me alone. I almost always get someone standing right over me, no matter where I'm sitting, even if they're the only person standing on the bus. But they also leave me alone. (In fact, a friend has a theory that they pick me on purpose, coz I look so busy they won't have to engage with me. Makes sense.)

Anyway, yesterday was not a day where I was left alone. And it was kind of entertaining. On the way downtown, a middle-aged Japanese lady came up to me just before she got off the bus. "Are you knitting a sock?" she asked, and gushed all over my knitting. (Tidal Wave - it's an easy pattern, but it looks pretty, and I'm using a Sweet Georgia yarn - Riptide colourway, if you're interested - so I don't have to do much to these socks to make them sexy!) It was a cheery little interlude, and left me smiling.

At the next stop, a big, burly guy got on the bus. (Public transit the best of times, and I take it through an area that is definitely not upper-crust!) Most of the "interesting" characters that take the bus through this part of town are harmless, but colourful. Never a dull moment! Anyway, Big Burly Guy gets on, sees me knitting, and from the front of the bus announces: "It's CROW-shay!"

"Knitting, actually," I answered.

"Well I call it CROW-shay," he replied.

"Totally different things," I said, and he sat down & proceeded to ignore me for the rest of the ride.

Half-way downtown, and I've already had more bus action regarding the knitting than I get in a week. It was good for a grin; I got off the bus and went about my day.

But going home, it happens again. I'm taking a course that I need for work (ridiculous bit of hoop-jumping, but whatever) and so I'm not leaving downtown till after 7:30. At which time, the bus is more crowded - and slower! - than I'm used to. And I'm tired & just want to get home. I pull out my sock & start knitting to pass the time. You know, as knitters do.

About 5 minutes later, a woman across the aisle asks where I got my stitch marker. I'm confused - stitch marker? Is this Muggle-speak for needles? Needle holder? What? She repeats her question, pointing at my sock. I turn it over, and lo - there is indeed a green stitch marker at the heel which I had long forgotten about. "Oh! My stitch marker! I think it's from Michaels," I said.

"Are you knitting a sock?" she asked, and proceeded to tell me that she has just taken up knitting. She's taking a class at Baaad Anna's, the LYS in my neighbourhood. We have a nice little chat about knitting, and when the person next to me got off the bus, she came over to have a closer look at my sock. She hadn't heard of Ravelry (gasp!) so I gave her the website address (I'm such an enabler!). We introduced ourselves, and I got off the bus feeling like I had Done the Good Work of welcoming a new member to the flock.

Waiting to cross the street, there was another woman who had just got off the bus with me. I caught her stealing somewhat furtive glances at me, but I didn't think much of it - it's probably what I would do if I was in her shoes, standing next to the Only Person Who'd Been Talking on the Bus. The light changes, and we start to cross.

Halfway across the street, she looks back and asks, kind of shyly, "Did you knit your hat, too?"

"Why yes, yes I did."

"I really like it," she said.

"Thanks! Have a great night!" and we went our separate ways.

Not a bad thread to tie my day together!


Anonymous said...


I was knitting in a dr.'s office a few years ago, and had this 8yrs. old boy completely mesmerized. He kept trying to convince me to teach him, but his big burly redneck daddy gave me the evil eye . . .

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Anonymous said...

Awesome! What a fascinating collection of KIP experiences. And you connected with another knitter, how great. Good work, E. Good work.

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KnitNana said...

That's terrific! (well, except for the CRO-SHAY guy - all the others would have made MY day!)
My doc's nurse said the other day: "What? No sock?" as for the first time in years I hadn't brought knitting with me. "Working on a to large project to bring with me."
(that's my story and I'm stickin' to it...but there are times when I'm not in the mood for a sock!)