Wednesday, March 24, 2010

One sock, two socks, my socks, blue socks!

I finally had some time yesterday to get outside and take pics of my new FOs - a pair of Tidal Wave socks in Sweet Georgia's Tough Love sock yarn (Riptide colourway). I took my new pretties out into the yarn to play in the spring weather. I think they had a good time:

I'm very pleased with how the pattern & the colour worked together...Now I just have to find time to wash 'em, so I can wear 'em! This course I'm in - thank FSM it's only 5 weeks! - has a lot more homework than I was ready for. It's going fine, but I'm not getting as much knitting done (or, you know, dishes, laundry, cooking, etc) as I thought I might. Oh well. Halfway done. Mr.Q has stepped up to the plate admirably as far as the household chores go, but I'm not quite ready to ask him to wash my hand-knits. Not he, who thinks "dreadlocking" the knitting is great fun!

But now I'm home, I only have one assignment to print out & I'm done all my homework for this week (I actually haven't procrastinated at all...yet...which is a little out-of-character and surprising for me. I'm kind of enjoying the lack of stress, though I'm not quite sure what do with this relaxed feeling. Weird!) I had to do a grammar presentation today, and I think I rocked it. Yes, that's me, a grammar geek. I kind of like grammar. I think it's fun.

Is that more or less embarrassing a (not so) secret than wearing socks with Birkenstocks? I'll have to ponder that. Perhaps over some knitting and Torchwood. Ianto makes me tingle, with that sexy Welsh accent!


Pam the Yarn Goddess said...

Gorgeous socks! I downloaded the pattern, but it doesn't say what size it fits. I have big honkers for feet - what size would you say they go up to? I usually have to cast on between 72 and 80 stitches, which these obviously don't call for.

Good to see you!

renata said...

oohh love the socks, i just knitted a cardie for my daughter in a very similar colour, so i may have to do a pair to match!