Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A day at the races

A quick look at Sunday's KIP fun at the racetrack - I'll totally go again! I hear they have wiener dog races at some point this summer - fun!

Walking the horses before a race:

A view of the view at the track:

MacGyvering a solution to needing a pattern on a windy day:

(Interesting fact: In Korea, they refer to Swiss Army knives as "MacGyver knives." Talk about cross-cultural pollination!)

And finally - a bit of - gasp! - sewing! I had to pretty up some jeans to make them suitable for work. Being World Cup and all, we can wear jeans for the whole month if we wear T-shirts from the competing countries. A trip to Army & Navy for a few cheap Ts (Go Italy! And England! Oh, and Portugal!) and Dressew for some fabric for a funky trim...I'm quite pleased with the result!

Now...back to that litter box I've been avoiding...woo. And a "hoo" for good measure.

Or not.

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Anonymous said...

Oh! You've been renovating the blog. Very nice.

You're jeans look great! So multi-talented.