Monday, August 2, 2010

The next adventure begins...

As mentioned, we tried one of the Rieslings with last night's dinner - lemon-sautéed zucchini, tossed over pasta with fresh-grated Parmesan. It's a lovely dish, light & tasty & quick, and it's become one of Mr.Q's specialties. He doesn't cook much, but I have to admit he does a smashing job with this particular dish!

The wine was also quite nice, but the with the lemon & cheese, the zucchini was just a little too sharp to work well with the vino. So, with a bit of the bottle left, I tried something else for dinner tonight:

I baked a salmon fillet with some mango sauce we picked up in Keremeos; the green beans and the peaches in the salsa are from the same farm stand. I cooked up some brown basmati in coconut milk, with a couple cinnamon sticks tossed in the pan. (The rice needed a little more jazzing up for next time...maybe a pinch of garam masala &/or some dried apricots as the meantime, I just added a bit more of the mango sauce & that did the trick!) A much better fit with the wine! And I have another adventure planned for tomorrow.

This may, perhaps, become a bit more of a foodie blog over the next while. Please bear with me! But I do promise knitting content as well. I've actually got a good chunk of the back of my Red Oak done - about 1/2 way to the arm-hole shaping. For me, that's a pretty decent pace!

Now to try & gear up for work again - always a bit of a foggy brain after a holiday!

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Rebecca said...

Just found some recipes for salmon. Not sure how they are, but a couple sound fabulous! Next year I will be fishing and trying all kinds of salmon recipes...just getting ready!