Saturday, August 28, 2010

Summer Lovin'

After living on the Wet Coast for years, and right in the back yard of the Pacific National Exhibition, no less, I finally decided that this was the year to brave the crowds and go to the PNE for the first time. There was something of an incentive: the fact that your <$20 gate admission includes the Summer Concert Series, and last night's offering was too fun to pass up - Joan Jett. For that, I was prepared to shelve my dislike of crowds and spend the evening eating mini-donuts. (I know, I know - quite the sacrifice!)

Some highlights of the occasionally-surreal experience...

Giant balloons...but of what? Depth charges from the Willy Wonka universe? Space cacti?

A sand sculpture at the entrance, very cool:

Farm animals! Including wascally wabits. (Mr.Q: "Look, a pile of cute!" Me: "Look! Stew!")

Very teeny and Very Large pigs. (Mr.Q: "Wook at the widdle piglets!" Me: "Mmm! Bacon makes everything better!")

Sheeps! (Mr.Q: "Sheepies!" Me: "Kebabs! And sweaters!)

(Sensing the theme here yet?)

And these oxen...I wish the photo gave any kind of real sense of their size. They were HUGE. At least 7 feet at the shoulder. There was no joking about steak, I was too unnerved. Though they were about as threatening as a sleeping cat.

Some funky art stuff:

The stage:

Is that a banana in your pocket, or are you really, really, really happy to see me?

And then after the concert (which rocked! So. Much. Fun! And I even got to stump Mr.Q with some rock trivia, something which has happened all of...well, twice ever.) We got some cotton candy & were heading toward the exit when I came across this:

The folks playing were just a couple turns into the game, and kindly invited me to join in. I think they were sorry after, though. Ahem.

And last, just before the exit:

Is it just me, or is he a leetle creepy? I was half-expecting the Ghostbusters to come running around the corner any minute...

So that was our summer fair adventure, in a nutshell. We may go back next week to see Cyndi Lauper...I'm gonna have to dig out some leg warmers if this keeps up!


PICAdrienne said...

Not just you, seriously creepy. Your post title had me thinking "Grease", not Joan Jett.

yarnfarm said...

Lucky Lucky you! And yeah, that pilsbury dough thing IS really creepy.

Sue said...

That Pillsbury dude is freaky!

OH yes, you must get some leg warmers if you go to see Cindy Lauper. Maybe even dye your hair pink or was it red? ;)
Don't forget the crinoline skirt!