Saturday, February 19, 2011

It's alive!

Took my knitting out for a special treat the other day.  One of my classes won a limo tour of the city.  Sadly, I had to go along with them (ha!).  It did mean wearing a skirt (that's me, taking one for the team!) but it was actually kind of fun. (Despite the disco lasers, really bad hip-hop music, and lack of bubbly.) And really, it's not like I would ever have had a chance to sit in a limo otherwise.

The sock had fun, too:

Also, there was off-roading:

But the best part? I was sitting in the very back, where the windows weren't tinted - so people could see into the car.  And when pedestrians at stoplights realized I was knitting in the back of a limo, their eyes got really big.  So very, very big.  Knitting in public, for the win!


rosiegirl said...

You rock! I love the fact that others could see you knitting in a limo. I would have loved to see the looks on their faces, that would be priceless. :)

Sue said...

Don't they know all us knitters rent limos and drive around knitting all day? People just don't know how to live. ;)
Too bad about the bad rap music. I mean if you have disco lasers you gotta play some Donna Summer! geesh.