Monday, February 28, 2011

Things that make you go: Hmmmm!

So my Papa was in town yesterday, and we went to meet him for a late lunch/early dinner kind of thing. (I kept wanting to say "lupper" but it sounded too much like "leper" - not too appetizing for a meal!)  Anyhoo.  We had a lovely visit, as we always do. It's especially entertaining for me when Mr.Q can join us, as he and Dad both like to "hold court," as it I get to sit & knit, and listen to them both wax on (and off) about work, music, world politics, and if the sea is boiling hot, and whether pigs have wings....

(They're both pretty smart, knowledgeable, and articulate, so it's not exactly a chore to listen! Just for the record.)

Anyway.  I'm sitting across the table from them, and I realize: "Hey! Look at that! They're both wearing the sweaters that I knit for them!"  A warm-fuzzy knitterly moment of the best kind.  

They are so sneaky!

And so serious!

And in today's WTF moment, an image from Dad's hotel room.  I have Inigo Montoya in my head: I don't think that sticker means what you think it means!


sairy said...

LOL. We had those stickers added to our dorm rooms in college. Apparently some of the other residents in the dorm decided that it was a good place to hang clothes to dry - until one day they broke the thing in the sprinkler and it went off and flooded their room.

Yes, so those stickers are necessary, as scary as that may seem.

Louisa said...

They both look very handsome in their knitwear! Wish me luck. I'm soon to embark on a sweater for my man - starting with a lovely black Corriedale fleece. He had better like it! It's going to be a lot of work.