Saturday, March 19, 2011


Waking up slowly on (another!) gray, rainy Saturday...spring has been later than usual for us this year, and while I continue to be grateful that I don't have to shovel the rain, or deal with (significantly) sub-zero weather....The gray does take its toll after awhile!  But the flowers are starting to come out, and the robins are back.  I heard the first Canada geese the other day.  We had a brief respite of sunny weather a weekend or two ago, and it seemed a perfect opportunity to take my knitting out for a bit of fresh air..

Signs of spring!  O Frabjous Day!

Ladybug in her rock'n'roll colours:

A sock tree! I love when they come into season: 

And they were perfectly ripe, too!

(Handmaiden's Mini-Maiden...socks with cashmere....mmmmmm! Sexy feets!)

Another flower! Knit for a friend's wedding.  It has a penis.  I'm not sure how that happened, but there you go. 


Anonymous said...

Weddings need flowers with penises. :) It's a fertility thingy....

Mrs.Q said...

Doh! You said thingy!

Barb said...

Those socks are gorgeous. Really, I'd like a cutting from your sock tree.

Anonymous said...

At first I thought the flower was for dad. hahahaha