Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Stuff and such

It's raining, it's pouring...a good time to think about sunny days, while the water boils for tea. It's actually really wet, and I think I just heard thunder. Which is way cool, since we don't get much of that out here. So. Sunny days. Like on Sunday, when Mr.Q & I took my sister to Granville Island for the afternoon.

We bought a kite (and are just waiting for some drier weather to try it out!) and some really yummy donuts, and some little accessories for my Crocs:

Mr.Q and the Princess Bride tried to pretend they didn't notice the camera, and attempted a "natural, unposed" pose for me (see the penguin kite?):

And we got another Handbag Lesson, this time in the area of Something Stylish Yet Portable For An Afternoon of Outdoor Window Shopping:

(For the record, she insisted I take the photo, to post.)

My water's sure taking a long time to boil....

(Heh. Heh. I guess it would help if I turned the stove on!)

I've had a loverly evening puttering and playing on the computer. I'm in an 80s' mixed-CD swap this month, and I've been having a blast finding old songs for the mix. I'm going to have to trim it down from about 50 songs...and I don't know how I'll let any of them go! Did we really have hair that big? Wear clothes that bright? Oy!

(We won't discuss what it means, that I hear the songs of my just-yesterday-youth on the OLDIES STATION!)

And now I have the hiccups....hmm!


Rebecca M. said...

They had this florescent pink gauze strip in the hospital the other day - the exact same color as the hugely over-sized florescent pink sweatshirt that I had when I was in the fifth grade. Some scary pictures from back then - straight, straight hair and big bangs. Oh - and I remember getting my first can of aerosol hair spray...

Anie said...

do send the completed list o friend jen is in search of an 80's workout compilation..any suggestions?