Friday, May 18, 2007


Well. I had the longest, most painful bus ride home today...what should have been 20 minutes was 45, due to traffic....and what should have been a 10-minute side-trip for coffee beans ended up being closer to a half-hour, thanks to irritating customers ahead of me in line...I refrained from whacking them, sorely tempted as I was. Or poking them with my knitting needles, since I suspected that (however satisfying) it would have made for an even longer delay....So instead of taking 30-40 minutes to get home, it took me an hour and a half. Ask me how thrilled I was. (Or don't, you probably don't want to hear it!)

BUT! I came home to Swap Happiness waiting for yarn! From La Verna, who sent me one of the best swap packages ever. Want to see?

At first, it looks pretty non-descript:

The excitement builds....

It's like my own private Christmas in May!

Holy cow! Look at all the treats! Patterns for the yarn, stitch markers, tea, coffee, candies...I feel so spoiled!

The yarn, since that was the whole point:

My descent down the rabbit hole of knitting lace shawls has been made inevitable...I have coveted some of
this for a long, long time....

Handily, I had just come home from getting myself one of these, since I have all these unwound skeins lying around, begging to be knit:

Mr.Q did an excellent job of being excited for me, however befuddled he may be. Tonight: Knitting and Beer with a bunch of gals, and then some Rock&Roll - Mr.Q's band be playing tonight at the Media Club, and I plan to wear my dancing shoes....Whoopee!

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Anie said...

what fun mail you get !!! weeee