Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Da bus haz a better flavr

The bus home was more crowded than usual today. I don't mind the rush-hour ride home so much if I can snag one of the single seats and knit without feeling crowded, or like I might accidentally stab somebody with my needles if the driver hits the brakes suddenly. Today, it was not meant to be. I found a window seat on the shady side of the bus, at least - it was hot - and was just contemplating whether I had room to pull out my knitting, when a large-ish middle-aged suit carrying a huge backpack sat down next to me, effectively pinning me against the side of the bus.

"Oh, spot and bother," I thought to myself. (OK, actually it was more like "Oh, fuck." But I'm editing for the sake of my parents' delicate sensibilities.)

And then , he promptly pulled out his crochet.

I asked him what he was making. "A baby blanket," he said; then added, rather sheepishly,"It's just something to pass the time while I'm on the bus."

I pulled out my knitting. We had a great conversation.

And when he got off the bus, I decided that it was time to stop minimizing my knitting to the Muggles who look at me askance. Look all you want, baby, but I'm gonna have warm, sexy feets this winter! And I'm going to wear them proudly.

So there.

Not that any of those kinds of Muggles would be reading this, but still.

(Mr.Q just set a plate of pasta down in front of me, with a beer. Gotta run!)


yarnpiggy said...

Ha! Your bus ride home was better than mine -- I got pinned to the window by the ginormous guy who sat down next to me just one stop into the ride home. And he wasn't a crocheter.

Want to send some of that pasta my way? :-)

Anonymous said...

Love it!
Ten puppies btw OMFG!!!

Kent knits on the bus to work and even met a guy a work who knits. Progress :)

Sarah, Grand-Dutchess of Serendipity said...

Which one of us was adopted while I wasn't looking?

"Oh spot and bother" is far more likely to offend their delicate sensibilities than the other....

Anonymous said...

so...would you brave knitting while working a tent at the local music festival? I can't decide if I want to brave the stares or not - but I've got to get this baby blanket done (the baby's already 1month old!)!!

Sue said...

That's awesome he turned out to be a crocheter! I live in the West End/Coal Harbour area of downtown so I take the bus now and then and I've never seen anyone knitting on the bus yet. :( My bus rides are usually not long enough to knit but when they are I knit if I don't have anyone next to me. :)