Monday, September 29, 2008


I am having serious salt cravings today (Yay PMS!) and Mr.Q got his lip split open at work this afternoon (to any fambly who may have read his Facebook status - he is OK) While neither of us are suffering from any life-or-sanity-threatening conditions, I still think it's a night to stay in and indulge. Chocolate milk for him, potato chips (ripple) for me. A couple of brain-candy movies. And I believe there is both beer and Strongbow in the fridge. Also, he finally got a turntable that works, to go with the kajillions of vinyl discs chez Quimby, so we're listening to Tom Waits at the moment. I think it all adds up to a perfect Monday evening, frankly.

(Oh! And my Knit Picks needles all arrived today! Squee! More on that later....)

Meanwhile, I'm considering starting a Facebook group: Yarn Harlot for Prime Minister. Since she seems a little more in touch with "ordinary Canadians" than our current PM. Stephen Harper can kiss my arts.

(Hey, that's actually a pretty cool slogan...I might have to put that on a T-shirt! I wonder if it would be any harder to copyright that than parts of our National Anthem. Frack, I can't wait till the Olympics are over!)

(Seriously, even if you can't even remotely imagine knitting, go read her post today. Gawd I can't wait till the election is over!)


=Tamar said...

Technically, it's copyrighted the moment you write it; now that you have posted it on your blog, it's also been published. It's darned good wordplay, too! You might try the t-shirts, or slogan buttons or bumper stickers.

Rebecca said...

Agreed! I saw a comment from someone that said, "I'll vote for the candidate who suspends their campaigning until November 8th."

Leone said...

I heart this entry. And also? Death at a Funeral if you like offbeat british humour- it is TOO funny!

Anonymous said...

well I am going to plagiarize it right now on MY facebook status. neener neener.

yarnpiggy said...

Well, as long as nobody wrote it before you, it's yours...but I suspect it'd be a tough one to defend... :-)

I so totally sign up for that facebook group...dude, you have to do it. :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm not Canadian (though I've thought about moving up there) - but I can completly agree that I'm ready for this election to be over - on both sides of the border! I'm so sick of politicians and their bs that they're like me.

After reading what your PM said - I'm completely out-raged (but then again I'm on still my "art soap-box. Ignorant people!)! I'd so vote for Yarn Harlot for PM and then maybe she could teach my political leaders a thing or too!!

Rebecca said...

Kitty is doing much better, thanks! He posed for a picture for my blog so you could see. ☺

I saw a yarn & chocolate swap on Swap-bot today - last day to sign up is today. I thought you might be interested.