Friday, November 21, 2008

Don't forget to floss!

A few quick, largely non-knitting notes...International Potluck at the school last week...I cooked up slices of elk sausage, and added a dish of maple syrup for dipping. YUM! Mr.Q earned a taste by doodling some cards to go with:

I'm not sure that the animal depicted wasn't a cross between an elk and the Grinch's dog, but it did the trick.

Dad was in town tonight for work, and Mr.Q and I, Sis & her husband all met up on Granville Island for some tasty burgers and beer. I tried to take a picture, and I think, if you look closely at the red eyes, you will notice that my sister appears to be a demon. I'm not sure, but I think the possibility bears further investigation.

Then we talked about weird, kind of gross things, and laughed so hard we could hardly breathe. I will never be able to hear the term "butt floss" again without collapsing helplessly in giggles. My stomach still hurts! It was fun.

Then, we found Greenland in B-I-L's beer:

It was just that kind of an evening.

Tomorrow: a whole lot o' nuthin', with some knitting and maybe squash soup thrown into the mix for fun. Also, for breakfast, some tasty pastries from the French bakery on Granville Island.

Which, incidentally, had these really cool-looking, round loaves of very, very dark bread for sale. I, thinking they were some kind of hard-core pumpernickel, asked about them. Mr.Q & I have a weakness for bread so dense you could build a house out of it, and this looked perfect! wasn't pumpernickel. It was sourdough. With - I kid you not - squid ink in it.

I didn't buy the bread.

Random cat shot of Brigid helping me change the cover on the couch:



Anonymous said...

Huh, the elk does look a little like Max the dog. Plus, I totally see Greenland in that beer!

Anie said...

classic doodles ferd!!
sounds like a lovely eve!

Rebecca said...

mmm, sausage & maple syrup - there is a maple festival up in the mountains here where they serve pancakes with fresh maple syrup and sausage made with maple syrup. Yum! I also love maple syrup on my potatoes.