Sunday, November 16, 2008

Two out of three ain't bad

Civic elections in BC yesterday...I could go on about the pathetic voter turnout (25%...yuck!) but I'd rather save myself the angst. Instead, I'll mention the Noro scarf that walked into the polling station as I was walking out. I'd have Kinneared her, if I'd been a little quicker on the draw. Anyway, it was just funny to spot a Noro handknit in the wild like that. And no more voting! Till May, anyhow.

There was more wilderness knit-spotting later in the afternoon, too, as Mr.Q accompanied me to the opening of Sweet Georgia Yarn's new studio space. He really is the perfect trophy husband for a knitter, and didn't ask any questions when I asked for his Mastercard before we left. I only bruised it a little in the skein of sock yarn, and one of silk lace-weight that was seriously - literally - shiny. Someday when the light is good enough to do them justice, I will post a pic or two. It's not worth even trying, otherwise, it's just that sexy.

An interesting election-related observation on the bus home late in the afternoon...a little old man, who spoke barely a lick of English, got himself on what he obviously hoped was the right bus, going in the right direction. From the sound of his very thick accent, he was originally from Eastern Europe. There was a lot of gesticulating and charades going on while he got himself sorted out. He was clearly taking an unfamiliar route, and was clearly determined to get where he was going, despite the challenges.

When he got off a few stops later, it became obvious that his goal was the neighbourhood polling station. He was going to vote, dammit, age, infirmity, language barriers, the vagaries of public transit, and geographic disorientation be damned.

I 'spect he really gets the notion of "use it or lose it." I wish more people did...sigh.

Politics aside...the NaKniSweMo sweater is making more progress than I'd thought, but finishing by Nov.30th is highly unlikely. There is a chance, though, that I might get the body finished by then. The arms won't be so much to tackle, after.

I wore Tuscany to work on Friday (again with the crappy light and no pics). I really am enchanted with the new colour, and can see doing a lot more dyeing in the future. I was a little disappointed that no-one commented on it, given the ribbing I often get for knitting in public. I figure there are two possibilities: it looked ridiculous on me (the "wings" are rather long) and they were being polite by not saying anything; or they assumed it was "store-bought". I'm going with the latter, as I really am proud of it (not in a vain way, either, just kind of astonished that I did that! Holy cow! Did I really do that?) And I'll refrain from commenting on the sad state of things, when "it looks/tastes/sounds store-bought" is the highest societal bar for judging quality.

I'm trying to work on a Malabrigo keyhole scarf, as a relief from the Sweater of Doom, but the pattern is kicking my arse. I think I've figured out the problem - two different translations to English, one being inaccurate, and that, of course, being the one I was trying to use. Got it now, but in the process, I've stumbled across another pattern - lacier, which is not necessarily what I was going for. But easier to understand, and knit lengthwise instead of sideways. Sideways is a charming idea, but casting on and binding off that many stitches...maybe not so appealing. I'll see how I feel in the morning.

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