Tuesday, January 20, 2009


One very cool way to start a Tuesday morning: Walk into class at 8:57, and notice that a mere handful of your students are present. Realize that the rest are in the student lounge watching the news. Toss your carefully-crafted lesson plan out the window. Cram yourself & aforementioned students into a room with a hundred other people (including your bosses) from a dozen different countries, most of them definitely not Caucasian, to watch Obama take office. Note that most of them probably only understand every other word, or less, and they're still glued to the screen. Then, note that a good chunk of those with the widest grins are from the Middle East.

Be glad you didn't insist on starting class on time.

(And - dudes - Yo Yo Ma and Itzhak Perlman, playing together? Dude!)

On a far smaller scale, but equally satisfying in its own way: we're having home-made pizza for supper tonight. On panini flatbread, not home-made dough, so it's kind of cheating. But there will be artichoke hearts, and possibly even feta. Which should more than make up for any crusty shortcomings.

And there may well be sci-fi geekery to follow.

Yep, a good Tuesday indeed.


yarnpiggy said...

What a wonderful day, eh? :-)

Anonymous said...

It was an awesome day!

Barb said...

Blogger keeps eating my comments on your blog. I'm starting to take it personally.

Barb said...

What I was TRYING to say is that I think I love your job!