Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sleeping for the weekend

Mr.Q & I were invited out to watch his company hockey team play last night. Knowing it would be a testosterone-fest (a charming one, but nonetheless....) and having had enough of people for the day/week/month, I opted to stay home. I was looking forward to a night of solo knitting - maybe getting another repeat done on my OWL stole; maybe getting a few little chores done; watching Pirates of the Caribbean again (haven't had me a Johnny fix in awhile; also, it's good knitting-viewing.) I even had a new bottle of Baileys I could crack.

And, with this whole lovely evening spread out in front of me....I fell asleep at 8:30. And with one exception, I slept right through till 8:00 this morning. My back is a bit stiff, and my brain is still a bit fuzzy...but otherwise, I feel great! I guess the last week tired me out more than I realized.

It's sunny out, and I'm solo for today as well (Mr.Q had to go in to work today) so those chores may just be put on hold again. One must take advantage of the sun when he shows his face in these parts!

(The one interruption to my sleep last night - at about 1:00 AM, the coyotes were out again. Eerie and cool...but if they're taking up long-term residence in the neighbourhood, we may have to start keeping the cats in at night. Hrmm.)


Anonymous said...

Phew. That makes me feel better about going to bed at 9:00. :) Thank you MrsQ! Gosh we're exciting.

yarnpiggy said...

Hehehehe...even I was in bed by 11 last night.