Friday, January 30, 2009

Wake-up call

Drowsing in bed this morning, trying to decide whether to get up or doze a few more minutes...I am jolted awake by a new sound. Two or three coyotes near the house, laughing their asses off. I thought I saw one the other morning by the bus stop, coming out of the pre-dawn fog, her silhouette back-lit by the streetlamp, all surreal and creation-myth-like. It was good to hear them this morning.

After establishing that all the cats were accounted for, I lay back and listen to them go on.

It must have been a great joke.

1 comment:

Rabbitch said...

We have two who live up by our house, but I don't think they laugh much. Maybe I should get your coyotes to come up and teach them some jokes.