Friday, March 6, 2009

Rumours of my abduction by aliens have been greatly exaggerated...

I was barely recovered from consumption (or whatever that was - there was no actual coughing involved, thank FSM, but there were several days when I thought the pressure from my sinuses was going to pop my eyeballs out of my head. Could have been ugly.) when we got a whole swack of new students. Which, while usually enjoyable, is also highly energy-sucking. Especially when barely recovered from a protracted illness (are you sensing the melodrama here, or do I need to kick it up a notch?) and while still rassling a cat several times a day to administer vile potions and squeeze a satellite dish on and off its head....

So that's why I haven't posted in far, far too long. Also, I was getting very little help on the home front, as illustrated below:

A closer-upper shot to more clearly illustrate just how overwhelmed the Mr. was with his feline responsibilities:

Yeah. Life's hard for all of them, hey? Meanwhile, I've been changing the litterbox two or three times a day, so Bagheera's leg wouldn't get infected. Not to mention the issues with his Space Cat cone - climbing all over our heads, trying to cuddle on our pillows, hacking up furballs in the middle of the night. (While wearing the cone. Meaning, furball ick on the cone. Which, when you consider the whole head-cuddling thing, is just too, too ick to wait till morning to be cleaned up. So there was some interrupted sleep going on, too.)

But it hasn't been all woe and gloom. There was also knitting madness (and cheeseburgers) last weekend. See?

(The yarn was Mini Maiden. I couldn't help myself.)

There was an interesting interlude with bewbs and.....well....see for yourself:

There was an entertaining conversation about the Obamas' surprisingly open sexual habits...(for more information, go here) which led, almost inevitably, to indecencies being committed upon unsuspecting skeins:

(For the record, that is not my hand!)

(Because, after all, somebody has to hold the camera!)

So you see, I've been var' var' busy. To cap the week off, I had to take Bagheera to get his stitches out today. Looks like all is well there. (Whew!)

Also, I've been knitting condoms. More on that later. Hope all's been with you, Dear Reader(s)! Don't forget to change your clocks back tomorrow night, as it is the night of evil sleep-sucking doom the time change this weekend!



Anonymous said...

Sunny side up rules!

Syd said...

So very happy to hear your feeling better!

Rabbitch said...

I'd recognize that vulgar Wenchlette's fingers anywhere.

Um. No. I won't explain.