Monday, May 25, 2009

The land of milk & honey it ain't....

But any place with beer like this has got to be OK:

Also, I am in the land where bottle openers literally grow on trees - good times!

Had a little bit of this the other night, with the possibility of more to come:

(How Canadian is that, eh? The campfire, the dog, the guitar...the Habs camping chair!)

(Campfires make me miss having long hair...I loved smelling the smoke in my hair when I went to bed...mmmmm!)

Took myself for some outdoor knitting yesterday, down by the river. I had intended to go to my favourite lake, but there were foul-mouthed hooligans on BMX bikes riding around, and stupid yappy dogs, so it wasn't the most relaxing spot. So I backtracked a little, and found myself another spot. There were a number of perfect sitting-rocks right by the river. This was the view my knitting & I had:

And yes, I did put my toes in the water. For a very brief minute. All this water here? Was snow just a few hundred metres ago. Not so warm!

Then, I still had a little time before I had to be at my sister's to babysit (you already know I'm crazy - what's with the surprise?) So I went down to Elizabeth Lake (Slough) to check on some old friends:

To make the day just perfect, there were auntie-snuggles galore, and then some Strongbow while I introduced my brother-in-law to Firefly. He loved it. I just hope I get my DVDs back when I leave...

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yarnpiggy said...

Looks like you're having a great time! Beautiful views, local wildlife (!), auntie snuggles, horny beer...what's not to love?