Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Look upon my works, ye mighty, and NOM!

A quick check-in before all heck breaks loose over the next couple of days. A short week at the end of a short month equals marking madness tomorrow, followed by a long, sexy date with something "medicinal." Like, maybe the rest of that bourbon in the cupboard. Also, I've got far too much to do in the next 24 hours - finish packing coz I'm going home for a week on Friday, leaving right from work; a friend's graduation party tomorrow evening; and I have to help Mr.Q get his passport app finished before I leave.

Long weekend was awesome. Saturday was busy busy. We went out and found me a shiny new pair of Birks, just right for wearing with hand-knit socks. (Yes, I'm a regular outlaw, on the lam(b) from the Fashion Police. Pics will follow eventually.) We did a spontaneous jaunt to the "night" market in Chinatown (in broad daylight, it seemed a little ironic), where Mr.Q stuffed himself with fish dumplings, and I bought pink sock-monkey socks...

Then he went off to see Ravi Shankar (!!!!!!!), and I came home to my knitting.

Sunday, my pal Jel had herself a belated birthday potluck, so I got up early to bake a scutterbotch pie to bring:

There were a lot of knitters there. Also, a lot of cheese. And a lot of sangria. It was fun!

Sunday we went to see the new Star Trek movie. In the theatre. With popcorn and Twizzlers and everything! (Be still my heart, I can't take the excitement!) Actually, the movie was a lot of fun. Great special effects and things that go boom and pretty decent characterizations of the crew. Especially Bones - he was fantastic! I'm so glad we saw it on the big screen.

And, more revelling in the throes of domesticity - there was another bake-off competition at work on yesterday (featuring lemon.) Since this one was a "wild card" I went with my personal strength: cheesecake. White chocolate lemon cheesecake, to be exact. Between the cake itself and the glaze, this thing called for almost a pound of chocolate. (15/16ths, to be exact.)

When I was done, it looked like this:

It was very tasty. I won. Almost enough (everyone who wants to "judge" pays a toonie for the privilege, and gets a taste of everything) to cover the cost of the ingredients!

Now it's time to quit farting around on the innernets, and get my butt to bed...nights!


Anonymous said...

I knew it would win!


Anonymous said...

Mmmmmmm,I am so hungry now! Have a good trip home. :)

Barb said...

I want that recipe!