Thursday, June 25, 2009

Post-solstice post

Summer has arrived, and in true Vancouver style, is much colder and wetter than our hot, sunny spring was. Not really complaining, as it makes more time for knitting. And working my way through the last season (7) of Buffy. Mr.Q has a gig tonight, and I'm hoping he leaves early enough for me to finish the last 3 episodes before bed.

Some knitting progress has been made, notably a new pair of socks:

These are the Diamond Lace Socks from Vogue Knitting's "Ultimate Sock Book" - knit up in the Smooshy colourway "In Vino Veritas." And from the ridiculous amount of time it took me to finish them, I might as well have been in my cups for most of it. Once finished, they sat around in my knitting bag for another 2 weeks before I got around to washing them. But now that they're washed, they're deliciously soft. I love the way Smooshy knits up...and even more, the way it feels on my feets. Smoosh smoosh smoosh!

Here's one on my foot, courtesy of beentsy:

I've also been making decent progress on my Tempest cardigan. I've got the back and two front panels finished, and I'd got a good chunk of one of the sleeves done...when I realized I had totally frakked up the increases. It's in time out for the moment, while I decide whether I want to try to frog it (the yarn's a bitch to rip back) or just start over (which makes me want to drink that vino, in veritas!) Here's one of the front bits:

Obviously, I'm going with solid instead of striped. The true colour is a bit deeper...but note those sweet tweedy bits. They're what makes it hell to frog...but are going to make button-shopping oodles of fun!

And that's about all for the mo'. I have to go change the litter box now. Apparently it wasn't quite pristine enough for Bagheera's liking, so he decided to have a pee in the dirty laundry basket. All the while looking Mr.Q right in the eye.

Think he's trying to tell us something?


Anonymous said...

Beautiful socks! :)

You have to love the feline species. So creative in letting you know how they are feeling.

Oh, and I almost hit 'buy' at the Blue Moon site earlier. Pretty new colours!

Pam the Yarn Goddess said...

I LOVE the socks! I adore socks with lace patterning on it. I'm doing a pair right now that's all lace, and I'm on my fourth frogging expedition. That's what I get for knitting while I'm half-asleep.

Congrats on the loan payoff! And being a retired pastry chef, that mousse cake looked awfully good!