Friday, June 12, 2009


Quick update while I stall getting ready for work...I finished a pair of socks, but have done something weird to the settings on my camera, so I can't take a picture till I figure it out. Our washer has decided that all the water does not need to stay in the machine, so there was a trip to the laundromat last night, and Mr.Noodles for supper. I felt like I was in university again. (Almost. There was one point there where I was too poor for the laundromat, so I washed my clothes by hand in the tub!) So. We're waiting on word from the repair guy.

Also, our computer/internet is being weird. It might be the computer, it might be the phone line...trying to get a straight answer out of Telus is an adventure in and of itself. I'm pretty sure the problem is on their end, but I've finally gotten around to backing my files up, just in case. Something I've been meaning to do for awhile. All my photos, lesson plans...knitting patterns! I realized I've probably got $100 worth of downloaded patterns now - do not want to lose those!

Hopefully none of the above (or the fact that there desperately needs to be a serious attack with a vacuum on the apartment) (or the weather) will interfere with tomorrow's Knit In Public plans at Kits Beach. And I hope we sort it all out by tomorrow, anyway, coz it's the deadline for earlybird tix for the Vancouver Folk Festival and I want to go!

Hooookay. 'Nuff stalling. I have to finish putting a quiz together for my grammar class this morning...subject & object pronouns, anyone? Good times!

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