Saturday, June 6, 2009

I'm a big kid now!

Saw this chalked on the sidewalk downtown a couple weeks ago, near the Art Gallery:

I noticed it on a Monday...a good omen at the beginning of the week! And good advertising for the Art Gallery...

There's an exhibit of "The Golden Age of Dutch Art" currently showing. I wanted to go see it, but admission is pretty pricy. The gallery does have a couple of "pay what you can" nights, but they're usually crazy-busy. Not so conducive to enjoying art. I decided to bite the bullet yesterday, as we finish a bit early on Fridays, and treat myself to an afternoon at the art gallery (in the air conditioning!)

(In fact, I decided to go whole-hog and buy a one-year membership. For the cost of 3.5 regular visits, I can go whenever I want. And go to the opening schmoozes. And it's only a few blocks from work. I feel all growed-up, and so cool now! Should I start wearing a beret?)

It was amazing. So much light and vibrancy, captured with paint and egg whites. Too much to absorb all at once...I need to go back! Probably more than once. I am so glad I got the membership, coz I think I'll be spending a few afternoons there over the summer. And that's just on the first floor! This might become a Friday habit.

The chalk drawing is still there, much faded, but still clear. It makes me happy whenever I walk by.

(Completely unrelated...I can't possibly be the only local who find the initials for the Vancouver Art Gallery amusing...can I?)


Lisa R-R said...

and you probably get at least a 10% discount at the gift shop!
That's a nice gift shop too.
Lisa in Toronto

Rabbitch said...

Oh thank goodness I'm not the only one who finds the initials amusing. I suspect I may be a 12-year-old-boy ...