Sunday, January 24, 2010

Power of Four

from beentsy's blog...

Four places I go regularly:
Work, home, coffee shop, yarn store(s)

Four favorite smells: brewing coffee (especially on a campfire!); Ponderosa pine bark in the summertime (vanilla! Mmmmm!); briny-ocean-windy smell (I be a pirate! Yaarrrnn!); woodsmoke, especially in my hair the morning after a late night campfire jam (best when combined with that brewing coffee, above!)

Four TV shows I watch: Castle, Dr.Who, Fringe, Criminal Minds

Four people I think will respond: who haven't already been tagged? Hmmm....Sarah, Happy Cactus, Knitpixxie, and maybe, just maybe, Rabbitch will take the bait.

Any other takers?

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Anonymous said...

Oh! I'm doing this!!