Monday, September 6, 2010

Saturday Night's Alright

We found out that "After Dark" admission to the PNE was only $5, so we decided to go back to try a couple things we missed. It was...interesting! We caught the last few songs of Steven Page's set, which was kind of fun.

Then we had a culinary adventure, of sorts: On the right, deep-fried Oreos - interesting, not something I ever need to eat again! On the left, deep-fried jelly-beans....YUCK! Not only too sweet, but the jelly beans got kind of slimy in the batter. Well, at least we can say we tried it!

For the record, we barely managed between us to eat half of what they gave us! After that, there was no way we were feeling brave enough to try the other offerings of deep-fried insanity available:

Deep-fried butter! Nom! (Or, you know, not. Friends of ours tried it and reported it even worse than imagined. Glad we saved our pennies!)

Otherwise, our long weekend has looked more or less like this:

(Well, except for a fiasco with a new pair of shoes & SportChek's customer non-service policies, but that's all better now that I've sent a ranty letter, returned the shoes, and gone to Mountain Equipment Co-op like I should have done in the first place. That'll learn me! Also there was some Indian food, poking around clothing shops in the Punjabi Market, and knitting. Lots and lots of knitting! And there may be a peach pie later on today, we'll see how that goes....Wish me luck!)

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