Friday, September 10, 2010

No rest for the wicked!

Busy busy busy! I had thought I'd take the holiday Monday as a Pajama Day, but I ended up doing a lot of puttering and cleaning and cooking and baking. Including a peach pie that was very tasty...with pastry from scratch, even! (I never make pastry from scratch. I am very lazy.) But it was a rainy day, and feeling fall-ish, so I even decided I would make a little extra pastry dough - it does keep well in the freezer, after all, and punkins will be in season soon! So I measured out the shortening and flour I had on hand...and realized I had enough to quadruple a double-crust recipe:

Mmmmmm! Pie! (For the record, I did do all the cooking, cleaning, and pastry making in my PJs. Just on principle.)

Also, of course, I have been knit-knit-knitting. 5 weeks till Rhinebeck, and I still have half a sock and 2/3 of a scarf I'd like to finish before I go. Not to mention The Sweater. (Which, after knitting for Pa and Mr.Q, has gone really, really quickly. The difference between chunky weight yarn & light worsted is rather...astonishing!) I blocked the pieces last night, and they just might be dry enough to start seaming tomorrow. Here they are, on a queen-sized futon frame:

Suddenly, the idea of knitting a blanket is a lot less daunting. Not that I'm in a hurry to do so (plus, my hands kind of need a rest!) At this point, I'm starting to get super-stoked about going button week! Woo!

But, not everything (or, should I say, everyone) Chez Q has been bitten by the Busy Bug:

Are you surprised?

Coz I'm sure not!


Sue said...

I am impressed! I've never made pastry before. Who doesn't love pie, especially if you didn't buy it at Safeway. heh
Some year I am going to go to Rhinebeck. My sister doesn't even live an hour from there and yet I've never gone. *gasp*
I have a feeling your next blog will have buttons. :)

Rebecca said...

Can't wait to see the finished sweater! You are inspiring! I have yet to knit an adult sweater. Just found a pattern for yarn I have - may be casting on soon!

Pie, mmmmmm. Went to look for pumpkin last night and there was none to be found. I think it's a conspiracy. I eat pumpkin all year (freeze it in the fall), but this year I am away from my fresh pumpkin supply and there is not even canned to buy. Humph. Going to have to stock up when it is "in season."