Friday, September 24, 2010


I finished up the collar & the last of the hemming on Red Oak last night...WOOT! I still have to put the buttons on - I bought them today, and hope to do that tonight. But for all intents & purposes, I am DONE!

So, of course, I had a victory drink last night. In, appropriately, a sheepy shot glass:

WOOT! Will, of course, post pics of the finished jacket as soon as I get some decent ones. Hopefully tomorrow, in the course of a massive Yarn Crawl. Meanwhile, I'm getting myself organized for the Expedition of Insanity, and a bit of knitting, to the accompaniment of Robert Plant's new CD.

It's awesome. And that man is still far, far sexier than anyone has any right to be, in my humble opinion. There are worse ways to spend a Friday evening, indeed!

Now...back to the task at hand. If I'm lucky, there will even be time to bake cookies...


Annie said...

Woo! I STILL need to block my handspun sweater, sew in the grosgrain ribbon and buttons. But I'm so obsessed with sweater #2 it has sort of fallen by the wayside. Maybe I'll remedy that tonight!

Rebecca said...

Oh, bought that CD recently, too! Awesome! And I love your glass! Happy celebration!