Monday, June 20, 2011

I'm a big kid now!

Before I show you my Cool New Toy, a couple more pics of Granville Street from the weekend. First, The Bay put on a big pancake breakfast for all the volunteers who had come downtown to help clean up on Thursday, and afterward. What I wish you could see in this pic from my  bus: they had B-52s just blasting, and everyone on the sidewalk - servers, eaters, bystanders & cops - were all dancing. It was awesome!

The VPD car which has been on the news, with all the sticky notes...what you can't see in this pic is the big sign the VPD put on the windshield, thanking all the other agencies that had helped out on Wednesday.

And a last shot of The Bay: the plywood covered in scrawls was taken down today, and will be preserved at the Vancouver Museum. But on the weekend, people were still adding messages, and had started a line of "prayer flags" that wrapped around the block:

Downtown was packed, but mellow. As if people just wanted to be there & soak up - and add to - the community vibe. (And let me tell you, those few blocks of Granville & area have never been so clean!)

Meanwhile, back at the goes on. We're "out with the old, in with the new" today @ Chez Q. We had a great, skinny old toaster that we got at a garage sale for $5 when we first moved in together. It has served us well for many years, and took up very little counter space. I'd say we've definitely got our $5 out of it. But, after I'd toasted my bagel, I unplugged it, and the plug was hot. Now, I'm no electrician, but even I have a pretty good idea that a hot plug is A Bad Thing! 

So after dinner, Mr.Q & I went down to London Drugs, and we bought our very first new toaster ever. It was quite exciting, and I felt, of course, that the momentous occasion needed documenting. So here it is, in all its shiny beauty:


It has a separate setting for bagels! And a pull-out crumb tray! Crazy! I feel so grown up now. 

But it's going to have to wait for its maiden toasting. Today was also the first day I've seen local, in-season strawberries at the market. I'm off to gorge myself on their juicy, sweet-tart tastiness. NOM!


Anonymous said...

Just wait until you graduate to the 4 slice toaster. lol

Anie said...

nice!! each decade of marriage deserves at least ne appliance, me thinks!!!