Thursday, June 16, 2011

Well, that was...interesting!

So, yeah. This hockey thing. Kind of....well, I'm still processing. The last few days have been rather a roller coaster! I've gone from this (celebratory community fun! And donuts!)

To this morning's wake-up (please note, fambly members who are prone to panicking, and you know who you are! I was nowhere near the downtown madness after the game!):

And then after work, I found this, largely due to countless volunteers, including food truck vendors who donated lunch to the clean-up crews....had I known in time, I would have early for work, with some garbage bags and work gloves, and pitched in:

And there were some pithy messages for last night's hooligans:

I think I still like hockey. And I really like what the people in Vancouver did today; best response ever to a really stupid situation.  (Also, knitting at a hockey "fan zone"? Gets the best reactions ever! Will definitely be taking my knitting to the arena next season!)

And now I have to go to bed. Between the let-down of last night's game, the shit-show afterward, the emotional roller-coaster today - and the wicked cat fight outside my window just as I was falling asleep last night! But that's maybe a post for another day - I am a mighty tired Quimby. 

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Ilix said...

Dude, I hear you. Sad that these bozos would come back after not getting a reaction at the Olympics. Hockey isn`t really something to start riots over, and standing around watching isn`t much better. Great post. That end game sucked!