Sunday, July 24, 2011

Going a-viking

Normally, on a Sunday morning, Mr.Q will take the grocery bags (or the wheeled cart, depending on the week's list) up to the neighbourhood, to do the grocery shopping. It's a task he took on some time ago, and one I was more than happy to surrender! He likes the solitary walk, and we both like me not having to deal with crowded shops. So, it's a win-win! Sometimes, he'll come home with a bit of a surprise - a case lot of mushroom soup, or an experimental brand of peanut butter, because they were on sale. (I was a bit shocked the day he came home with 3 big bottles of dish detergent; but delighted last week when I thought we'd run out, but lo! there was another bottle under the sink!)

On the occasional weekend, though, I'll join him, as I did today. I was on the hunt for some last-minute necessaries for Sock Summit (three more sleeps!) and didn't really think Mr.Q needed to be the one looking for neon nail polish or blue eyeshadow. So, off we went, and had a lovely walk in the sun. We got up to the neighbourhood, and after accomplishing a few of our joint errands, we separated for a bit: me, into the dollar store, looking for a cosmetics bag to hold my knitting needles; him, to the butcher shop for some lunch meat.

When we met up on the sidewalk after about 15 minutes, he had quite the swagger on him, and he was positively smirking. Of course, I had to ask.

Apparently the woman at the butcher shop did a double take when he walked in. "I know you from somewhere," she insisted. Not a gig (the obvious scenario)...."I know! I've seen you on Ravelry!"

"But I'm not a knitter!" 

"No, really, I've seen pictures of you on Ravelry, modelling hats and sweaters and stuff!"

"Oh! That would be my wife's knitting!" He was quite proud, both because he was recognized, and that it was because of my yarny habits.

How randomly awesome is that?!  The Viking is famous! (Or, well, infamous...but we were both pretty tickled by the whole thing!)

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