Friday, July 29, 2011

Operation Awesome Sox

So I have some fun pics to share...but I'm using my wee netbook, and I haven't tried to upload photos from my camera to it before, and I don't understand the program it uses, so the pics are HUGE. So. Y'all may have to wait till I get home, where I know how to resize them! (I'm sure it's quite simple, but frankly, I don't have time for technical futzery just now! There are classes to take, and knitters to knit with, and Portland to hang out!) There were even vendors who accepted Canadian Tire money!

Day 1 was, unsurprisingly, awesome! I took a class on "Photographing Your Fiber" from Franklin Habit (who was wearing a utili-kilt. He was even cooler in person than I had expected!). There was a mother ship full of knitters, disguised as a convention center - and more of us than the IT conference around the corner, which kind of freaked them out. There was tasty food (a waffle "taco" folded around sausage patties with maple cream...OMFG!), great company, friends discovering the magic of Sock Summit for the first time, and reunions with veteran pals. There was Hipster-spotting Bingo (yarnpiggy won!) and freaking out the poor guy in the hotel elevator, when 4 of us wandered up to another knitter's our PJs and slippers, with bottles of beer and boxes of crackers. Poor guy.

Right! Off to breakfast, then coffee, then a class on ergonomics for knitters, then...the world!

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