Saturday, July 30, 2011

Saturday Sundries

No classes until this evening, so I've had a few hours to do some Portland exploring. Wandered the Saturday Market for an hour or so with a couple of the roomies, finished off with a lovely fresh-squeezed limeade, and then a Vietnamese iced coffee. We all scattered on our separate ways, and I trekked up to Powells books. I was shockingly restrained, and thus Mr.Q will not find himself fielding an angry call from our landlord about an NSF rent cheque.


After the bookstore, I sat under an awning and savoured a fabulous Italian custard gelato, while listening to a 14-year-old violinist busking across the street. A perfect summer afternoon!

Off to the Convention Center shortly, for a secret...then a lecture, then a birthday celebration for GlennaC at a restaurant blessedly close to our hotel. (I have a feeling we won't be taking transit back! And I'm pretty sure i won't regret (much) the lack of a knitting light.)

(Or will I?)

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