Thursday, August 23, 2007

Martha Stewart I'm not

I think it's time to go grocery shopping. Past time, in fact. I came to this brilliant realization a few minutes ago, when I went hunting for breakfast. My choices were: dry cereal (no milk); blackberry jelly; a potato; a can of tuna; a pouch of leftover instant oatmeal from our trip. Given some time, and perhaps an Iron Chef competition, perhaps something brilliant could be whipped up that could be served to the Queen. But at 7:30 A.M., pre-coffee....well, I opted for the oatmeal. I can't wait till we're rich, and somebody else will take care of all these little details for me.


Now I have to go excavate clean socks from Mount Laundry. At least I have coffee now.

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Rebecca said...

I don't even have coffee here...perhaps I'll break down and get a coffee maker so I'll at least have that for breakfast. I hate going grocery shopping (well, I really don't like shopping in general, unless it is for yarn or fabric, and even that has lost a bit of appeal unless I have a project because I am feeling so poor and so overstashed, not that that is really possible to have too much stash). We have a bunch of crook neck squash...getting really tired of that stuff.