Saturday, August 25, 2007

Starting the weekend right...

Is there any better way to spend Friday night than a spontaneous date with cheese, crackers, fruit and wine? Actually, there is: add gal-pal bonding and yarn.

I was going to say that the only thing that would have made it better would have been a pool-boy in a loin cloth, feeding me peeled grapes and massaging my feet. But Jel let me play with her new drop spindle and mangle some blue fuzzy stuff. WAY more fun than the pool boy!

(Unless he does windows, too?)

Not being a night-owl, I'm usually home and asleep by 10:00 most nights. And I was tired yesterday, having been out a little late the night before, farewell-ing a couple of colleagues who are moving on. (There was good micro-brew. And mai tais. It was a bit of a scene. Ahem.)

So I was quite surprised to find myself, after helping drain a bottle of very nice wine, wandering in the door at 12:30 last night! And I had to get up early this morning to drive Mr.Q to a first aid class for work. I'm going back to bed now, hopefully I can catch a short nap before Sis comes to pick me up. We're going shopping, and I want to be as perky as possible. I will not be able to take complete leave of my senses on the adventure, since I may have to take the SkyTrain home from Surrey, so don't want to be hauling an unreasonable load back with me.

Thankfully, yarn doesn't weigh that much, and it's pretty compact.

(The drop spindle was fun. A lot of fun. I need one.)

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