Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Why I'm a Happy Soon-to-be-Camper

Sometimes my job kind of sucks. Sometimes, it really sucks. And sometimes there are moments that remind me why I stay there. Like yesterday, when I found out that my last-minute, unlikely-to-be-granted request for an extra day of holidays in the busiest season of the year...was approved. Which means not having to get home late at night and rush to work first thing Monday morning with no clean laundry and no food in the fridge and would there be enough time to return the rental car before work? Now all of that can be managed at a reasonable pace, and I can go back to work on the Tuesday holding onto a little bit of post-vacation bliss.

Today, the head teacher asked me what time I plan to leave tomorrow, right at 3:30? No, I said, I need to make sure all the marking is done so the sub can return their tests on Monday. "Well, if you didn't have to worry about the marking, what time would you leave?" "Right at 3:30, of course!" "Leave me an answer key and I'll do your marking for you, on one condition - you promise not to think about this place for the duration of your holiday."

Ummmmm....OK! I think I can accomodate. I noticed that when I asked him if I really looked like I needed a break that badly, he didn't answer.

Then I found out that Mr.Q won't be working on Friday, which means we can leave a day early. Hooray! It means my cleaning/packing/unearthing the camping gear schedule has been totally thrown off, but I don't really care. As long as there's no laundry left to moulder in the washing machine for 10 days, I'll be happy.

I don't remember it taking this much work to get ready for a camping trip...but that could be because I used to use the gear so often that it was always handy and ready to go. Not so much these days... Maybe we need to get out into the woods a little more!

So...the camping dishes are washed and drying, towels are packed, the pump for the air mattress is packed...gonna head out and pick a few things up (like the rest of the Harry Potter books from a friend, to take on the road!)

Yay for summer holidays!


Sarah from the Kootenays said...

Yay! cant wait to see you!

Dianne said...

Sounds wonderful - I hope you have a great time.

Rebecca said...

Oh, I want to go camping - I hope you have a fabulous time!

Arctic Knitter said...

Have fun on your camping trip! I can totally relate to the packing, etc. Thanks for stopping by my blog - I'm updating our 10,000 mile road trip as well. Hope yours goes well!