Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Pity party for me!

I woke up late this morning, at my brother's place in Canmore, having been up rather late playing cards and basking in the post-folk festival afterglow. I had a lovely coffee on the "patio" with his girlfriend while the guys slept in, and I thought: "Everybody's just going back to work after the long weekend, and I still have another week off! Hooray!"

I wasn't gloating, I really wasn't, Oh Karma People In the Sky (Or wherever you live...) I was going to come back into Cranbrook and do a longer post with lots of pictures and stuff....

But when we stopped in Radium for a pee break, I sort of slammed my left index finger in the car door, and it promptly swelled up to the size of a small zucchini. There being no hospitals between Radium & Cranbrook, a drive of about 90 minutes or so...we bought a bag of ice and stuck my finger in it and I had about the most fun you can have with a frozen garden vegetable for a digit, and no drugs! (DOH! I just remembered there are ciders in the car...doh!)

By the time we got back into Cranbrook the swelling had stopped, if not receded, and I'm pretty sure it's not broken...but it makes all this innernet stuff a little trickier than usual. So pics of juggling and marshmallow farms will have to wait. My typing is even worse than normal, which takes some doing!

Gonna go see if Mom's got some tequila stashed somewheres. Don't tell her!


Rebecca said...

Oh, bugger! That sounds a bit miserable - will it impede your knitting? How is your mystery shawl coming? I might break mine out and work on it a bit tonight, too hot to do anything but just sit, really.

Jelaina said...

kittens are well. all eating. been no upchucking. hope finger is better. at least you still have the middle one for communication. ;). XOXOXO. hello to mr. q for me!