Saturday, October 20, 2007

Breakfast of Champions!

Today, I had this for breakfast:

Why? Because I can. And because it's my birthday, and I plan on having chocolate with all three meals. (Note: with, not for all three meals...when I was younger, that might have seemed appealing. But now that I'm an old fart, the thought makes my teeth hurt. Not to mention my digestion. Need more prunes!)

Mr.Q is taking me yarn shopping shortly, for my birthday present. Which confused my mother: "Why is that special? Don't you do that anyway?" (OK, maybe she wasn't so much confused as being a smartass. But still.) Yes. Yes, I do. But it's nice to have it sanctioned once in awhile! reason I've been so busy and far away from Blogland this week was a visit from my Baby Brother and his very cool Significant Other. They stayed with us for a few days while they got the last of their arrangements together for an extended trip overseas - 6 months in India, then a few months of walk-a-bout in Asia. Life's rough!

It's his first real experience travelling, and I am supremely jealous. Also very proud of him, for learning from his big sister's experience. ("I wanted to go before I got all tied down with student loans and stuff like you did!" Thanks. I think!) Seriously, for all that he's a stinker and still thinks it's OK to give me wet willies, I'm totally stoked for him. Not to mention the silk yarn they said they'd try to find me in Nepal.

Here he is, just after getting through the kerfuffle of acquiring his Indian visa. He really looks very bored with the whole thing:

He pretty much looked like that all night. I cooked them up a big farewell dinner, and the sister formerly known as the Princess Bride came in for a family supper:

It was pretty tasty, if I do say so myself. But it occurred to me the next morning, fragrant as we all were from the 3-bean chili...that maybe it wasn't the best choice just before a long international flight. Close quarters and all that...oops! My apologies to the people sitting close to them on the flight.

A nice sibling photo:

A photo bearing more resemblance to reality:

We really do look a lot alike!

Now - off to fortify myself for an afternoon of yarn shopping! I have something pretty specific in mind, so we'll see how that goes. I am also the wee-est bit...well...hungover. There were a couple of folks at work with birthdays close to each other, so we went out for a couple of drinks last night. Sure, I only had a couple drinks - a couple of times! Yikes. I don't remember that being an issue when I was nineteen....sigh. (*gigglesnort!*)


Anonymous said...


We are such a talented bunch. We'll have to try to get the four of us together for a spoon picture.

See you tonight!


Jelaina said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! Sure hope your special day is full of wonderyarn adventures. Yarrr(n)!


Rebecca said...

Yay! Happy Birthday! I hope you ate lots of fabulous chocolate and got lots and lots of yarn!

Barb said...

Happy, Happy Birthday! You know the thing about being a grown up that is SO COOL? We don't actually have to wait for our birthdays to over-indulge in chocolate. We can keep it around and indulge any time we want! Life is so sweet.


PS: Are you on the right or the left? I always like to be able to picture my cyberfriends. Does that sound too stalkerish?

Barb said...

Thank you for telling me! Now I can stalk from afar.

I think you and I have the same haircut now! Except mine is no freaking out because it doesn't know what to do with all this light springy stuff so I sort of resemble Michael Jackson in his pre-teen, pre plastic surgery days. Ah well...