Monday, October 8, 2007!

I spent part of Thanksgiving weekend in Gibsons, home of that iconic Canadian TV program, The Beachcombers:

There was music, merriment, a lot of food, soaking in a hot tub, and rain. Lots of rain. Which brings out the natives:

Banana slugs! What fun! I am so glad I didn't step on it! Here it is, next to my foot for scale:

Also, there was Guerrilla Produce Art:

And last but certainly not least, an unexpected break in the weather:
Happy Thanksgiving!


Sarah from the Kootenays said...

what the heck is up with the sprout chewbacca?

Lauren said...

Wow those slugs are gross! Much bigger than i have EVER seen! Thanks for a great read! Keep blogging!

Anie said...

Gibsons is where Mike and I first met-AND we went to Molly's reach..HA! Fun
oh Fun

brittany said...

when do canadians celebrate thanksgiving?

Anonymous said...

the slugs are awesome!! at least to look at - not to be around.

brittany said...

that's so neat I never knew canadians had a different Thanksgiving. I'm going to have to spread the word. Haha.

Barb said...

I thought it was a squash! Dude, here in Texas, only our MOSQUITOES are that big.

Good you were wearing your boots. In Texas, we wear boots, too, but they are a might pointier in case we have to smoosh something in a corner.

Rabbitch said...

Ew. Ick and bleah, too. The slugs, not the rest of it.