Sunday, October 21, 2007

My armpits are so soft!

I have this really nice foot butter that I picked up in Canmore this summer. It's in a dispenser exactly like the kind that's used for deoderant. Guess which one I picked up and used yesterday? (It was pre-coffee, I'm not entirely responsible!)

We picked up the fabulous Jel yesterday morning, and Mr.Q chauffered us to the yarn store. It was great. I picked up a sweater's worth of yarn and found a pattern for it...and I may have found myself considering actually jumping on the NaNoSweMo bandwagon...ooops! Also, there was some very sexy sock yarn that I was able to add to my stash guilt-free, thanks to Jel's super-ninja skills (she managed to get me a gift certificate to the store while I was just a few feet away from her - very sneaky!)

The photo, of course, utterly fails to do it justice. The colours are so warm they glow. It's Celestial Merino Dream by Lucy Neatby, in the Honey Pot colourway. There's a note on the tag to "Make your yarn happy! Knit it now!" I love it.

Yarny mission accomplished, we stopped for "lunch". This is a picture of Jel's "lunch" but mine was pretty much the same, but with a different pattern and some chili powder on top of mine:

I think she took that photo, coz all the other hot chocolate ones on the camera are all fuzzy. Those ones, I definitely took! She also took this one, of chocolate shop bliss:

The espresso machine was so pretty and shiny that I tried my hand at cool art shots:

Also, note that this was lunch: I was now 2 out of three for my chocolate goal yesterday. Was I successful in achieving the third? We'll see! After chocolate, I had a nap. (Or tried to - I was too busy thinking about the pretty new yarn!) Then Mr.Q announced that he was "taking me for dinner but we had to stop by a friend's place and pick up a present first."

Are you suspicious yet? I wouldn't have been, except that he'd been saying things all week like "I created a secret facebook event for you birthday, but you can't see it!" and "Go away! You can't see what I'm doing on the computer!" and giggling and rubbing his hands together. And then telling me repeatedly that I made his life so difficult by dragging secrets out of him, how did I expect him to do anything to surprise me?

So no, I wasn't suspicious at all! (Hah!) However, he was so proud of himself for putting this super-secret thing together, and Jel and my sister were soooo smooth about the whole thing, that I played along for their sake. And it was well worth it. We "stopped by the friend's place for a minute on the way to dinner" - and there were some of my favourite people, and blue streamers, and cheese (and more cheese!) and guitars and singing and good conversation and some knitting - and a funny interlude where the host, a fine musician, realized that Jel and I were talking "knitting gear talk" and he plopped himself down between us and was totally fascinated and delighted by the jargon.

And yes, there was chocolate, courtesy of my loverly sister:
It was very, very tasty. And I think I don't need to eat chocolate for awhile now. But it's good to have goals, and to have the satisfaction of achieving them! It was such a lovely day, mostly because it was full of lovely people, and I went home very late, feeling happy and satisfied and most of all, very lucky to have spent a good part of a good day with fine human beans.

And also, my armpits are now very soft.


Jelaina said...

the discussion about SEX was sure fun!! Whoop whoop!

Rebecca said...

Oh, I'm so glad you had such a fabulous day. What could be better than people you love, yarn, and chocolate?